Blankets for Kitties

My goal for 2012 is to learn free motion quilting. I will be following along with the excellent teachings at the Free Motion Quilting Challenge, as well as the awesome Leah Day who has created a series of weekly exercises aimed at beginners. Leah even takes the time to create instructional videos to illustrate each week's lesson.

I definitely would not want to waste any of the fabric I use to practice, so all of the materials will be turned into safety blankets for abandoned cats at a local animal rescue organization. This is inspired by the Snuggles Project. Blankets are shown to ease the anxiety that an abandoned cat experiences from the changes in its environment and from being kept in a cage. The kitties will be able to take the blankets with them once they are adopted to help ease the transition to their Forever Home.

Each blanket will be unique and handmade out of warm snuggly cotton flannel. The finished size is about 23" by 17". I plan to attach labels to each blanket and hopefully will get to hear about some of the kitties in their new family.

If you have any unused fabrics that are going to waste, please consider donating them. The kitties will not care if the fabric is ugly or the stitching wonky!

Blanket # 12 - Feathers and Paisley

Blanket #11 - Jester's Hats, Roots & Vines

Blanket #10 - Modern Quilting

Blanket #9 - Zentangle

Blanket #8 - Foundation and rails

Blanket #7 - Sharp 'Flamey' Stippling

Blanket #6 - Spirals and Butterflies

Blanket #5 - Hearts and Stars

Blanket #4 - Quilting around things

Blanket #3 - Quilting on a line

Blanket #2 - Playing with scale & stippling in rows

Blanket #1 - My first stipple


  1. What a lovely idea. I'm going to start doing this.

  2. Thank you so much for this idea. I am going to use my practice pieces for blankets for the local "animal home" too!

  3. Great idea! I back a lot of my quilts in flannel and have lots of flannel strings left over. I'm going to ask my local shelter if they'd be interested!