Monday, 31 March 2014

My Very Own House Hippo

If you grew up in Canada in the eighties, there's a good chance you'll remember the House Hippo. It was the subject of a memorable media literacy PSA that I encourage you to check out. (Second only to the War Amps PlaySafe PSA.)

I was lucky enough to get a copy of the Henrietta Hippo pattern from 529MasonStreet in order to make my very own. The best thing about this little dude are his repositionable limbs. This leads to nearly endless action shot possibilities! Here is my hippo playing outside:

At this point you may be wondering why Mister hippo has a white butt... This is what happens when you try to mess with a pattern before knowing how it comes together. I thought it would be cute if he was all grey, with a white tummy (the bottom of his paws is also white), so I cut the part that I thought would correspond to the stomach out of white felt. Turns out I overestimated by a long shot, and the white patch goes all the way up his back. That's ok, no one here is judging.

House hippo likes to spend his days daydreaming on the windowsill and hanging out with his best bud Sigmund.

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Fifth Doctor Embroidery

Last fall, I posted my first four embroidered blocks for the Fandom in Stitches Doctor Who Sew Along, but have been taking forever to follow up with number five. That's because the fifth Doctor is the favourite around here, and due to design difficulties it ended up being the block I made last. I wanted to continue posting them in order, so I've had to wait until five was completed before sharing the others.

Here he is at last!

This block is inspired by the sew along block number 5, which I really like. My resident whovian pointed out, however, that the Doctor's very distinctive Panama hat was missing from the design, so I set about adding a hat onto the original block. It turns out to be rather difficult to position a natural-looking hat onto an image that didn't originally have one. All of my attempts looked strangely awkward.

Instead of pursuing that, I traced out a new design, based on this picture of the Doctor wearing a hat. I think he has turned out to be pretty recognizable. I have the pattern for this design somewhere, and will upload it when I find it (Update: pattern is now available HERE). In the meantime, there will be plenty of Doctor Who posts coming up, with blocks six through twelve that I've been waiting impatiently to share.