Thursday, 16 January 2014

Felt Brain Slug (with Templates!)

If you're a Futurama fan, you may remember these Delta brainwave eating parasites. I've known since I first saw them that I wanted a Brain Slug of my very own. It took a few tries to work out the shape and size, but I got him ready just in time for Halloween last year.

This little guy is made entirely from Eco-Felt and attached to a headband, which makes him secure and easy to wear. His antennae are made from the metal wire inside a twist-tie. I'd meant to give him felt antennae, but forgot to attach them while I was assembling the slug. Metal wire was the only thing I found that was just thin enough to slip through the fibers of the felt, and pliable enough to be shaped into wonky antennae. It ended up being perfect for the job. I secured a tiny scrap of the green felt onto the ends to make them stand out.

Finding a plain headband similar to my hair colour was actually one of the more difficult aspects of this project (and the most expensive - all of the other materials together cost under a dollar). The accessory shops had walls full of glitter headbands and feathered headbands, but it took some work to find a plain one. Once that was dealt with, attaching the Brain Slug only required sewing through a tentacle on either side and looping thread around the headband a few times, as you can see here:

If you know about Brain Slugs and their politics, you won't be surprised to learn that once I put him on, I had the sudden urge to attach a Brain Slug to every Earth man, woman, and child. To this end, I've created a pattern... consider sponsoring a hungry Brain Slug by sharing your Delta Waves today!

Want to make your own Brain Slug?
Download the templates HERE.

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FYI - The recommended procedure to deal with a Brain Slug victim is to act natural and switch to a garlic shampoo. Helmets also work. (Source: Futurama Wiki)