Friday, 20 September 2013

Jungle Blankies

I haven't had an actual finish to share in a while because the projects I'm working on are big and involved. It's been nice to take a break from those over the last two weeks and work on something small and fun. I put together two baby blankets and shipped them off to their new home. Baby stuff is always fun to sew because of the adorable fabrics that are available, and I love how these turned out. I may have even saved a little corner of the lion fabric for myself...

Both blankets are made from the same two fabrics, and are the inverse of each other. The awesome ROAR! flannel is from Jungle Friends by Timeless Treasures, and the small jungle animals are part of the Life in the Jungle collection by Riley Blake. I chose this one because it had a convenient swirl design all the way across that I could trace with thread. Both of the flannels are quite thick, so even without batting I think these will be able to keep a little guy warm through his first winter.

The first blanket has small animals on the front, and lions for the backing and binding. I quilted it in black. The second blanket is lions on the front, with the animal fabric as the backing and binding. It's quilted with grey thread.

These were a fun quick project, and a good break from the big stuff I've been working on over the past months. I especially enjoyed having a nice line that I could follow when quilting, without any need for marking or keeping track of where I was going, or even any loose threads to hide, since the pattern goes from edge to edge. I machine stitched the bindings, and then stitched around the whole thing again to reinforce it. Hopefully this will hold through many messes, washings and snuggles.

I am sharing this finish for TGIFF!

Friday, 6 September 2013

Felt Dinosaur Pattern

Ok, it's time to talk dinosaurs! The University of Alberta just put out it's first massive open online course, Dino101: Dinosaur Paleobiology, through Coursera. I signed up right away, of course, and started working through the material this week. To celebrate, I am sharing a pattern for this cute simple dinosaur.

Click HERE to download the free pattern.

This is an image file that can be shrunk or blown up to the desired size. It can be used to make anything from a lapel brooch to a cushion. If you prefer a PDF of the pattern, it is available through Craftsy HERE.

Thanks to the first two lectures, I now know that this guy would have been a giant herbivorous sauropod, with strong pillar-like legs, who got his energy from plant matter fermenting inside his massive gut. I can also identify his major bone groups, and the main features of his teeth. I can't wait to find out more! Fellow dinosaur geeks, head on over to Dino 101 and check it out.

I hope to come up with some more felt inspiration over the course of these lectures. Perhaps a Tyrannosaur skull brooch? In the meantime, I've been working on some cross-stitch. Here's a peek at Bradley Brontosaurus, a kit I got from GeekArray on Etsy. (This lovely seller also sent me a second kit that I'll be starting soon, yay for good service!) More on this project once it has been framed.

I also have my eye on this Rawr means I love you in dinosaur cross-stitch, and hope to get to it in the near future. Here are some other dinosaur projects that caught my eye:

Every kid should have a play dinosaur tail!  I can only imagine how much fun I could have had  with one of these as a littl'un.

Make big cuddly stuffed stegosaurus with this DIY dinosaur tutorial, or a small delicate one with the Steggy pattern from DeviantArt user lulufae. The Little Black Teapot blog has a tutorial for making one out of an orphaned sock, or check out their simple stuffed dinosaur pattern and tutorial.