Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Colour Blocks of the Summer So Far

Well, it's been a busy summer, and if you've noticed that I've posted only small projects over the last couple of months, it's because I've been working on one major project since early spring. I haven't posted anything about this one yet, but it's about to become the largest quilt I've made to date. It's a modern take on the Bargello technique, and I'm looking forward to sharing it in the coming weeks if all goes according to plan. I did manage to sneak a few colour blocks in there as well, to share for Work in Progress Wednesday.

I gave my brown Bargello block from last June some additional borders to make it the right size for the colour blocks quilt I'll be making with my blocks of the month. Brown is one of the most hated quilt colours, but I'm a fan and really ended up liking this block a lot. It was my first try with this technique, and it worked out well enough to inspire the full sized quilt mentioned above.

To compliment the original brown block, I tried my hand at the Rolling Tides Improv Curves technique from Alyssa at Pile O'Fabric. The negative space in my previous set of colour blocks had turned out well, and I wanted to pursue that further in this block. First, I tried going the pinless curves route. I was careful, but it was a pretty big disaster anyway. Having learned my lesson, I took it apart and pinned it like crazy in order to achieve this little wave on the bottom here.

That was a lot of work for one curvy line! I was originally going to have a matching wave at the top of the brown strip, but I was completely over the whole curves idea by the time I'd finished the first seam. Instead I just left it as-is and attached the top with a straight seam. That way I didn't have to deal with any more puckers like this (I hope you can see them despite the dark fabric):

Lastly, I put together a second pink block. It's a half-size version of the Up From Here block from the 2013 Sew Mama Sew Modern BOM. I'm not sure if I really picked the right shades of pink for this one, but I'm sure it will look good with my original pink Crooked Rail Fence block regardless.

I haven't gotten around to sashing the original pink block that goes with it, mostly because I've been working with smaller and smaller bits of the background fabric and I've got to be very strategic about cutting order to avoid running out. I will probably use my scraps to make the two new blocks and hope there's enough left for sashing at the end.

Here's a mosaic of all the blocks for this quilt so far. Only 5 left to complete!


  1. Been busy in the background eh? Looking forward to seeing what you've been up to. I also stand up for brown, its a lovely color :)

  2. Sampler quilts are not always to my liking, but yours will be awesome!

  3. Your quilts are like modern art. I love them!