Saturday, 6 July 2013

Felt Penguin Pattern

In continuing with the Doctor Who theme from my last post, I present to you the eleventh Doctor as a penguin, complete with adorable tasseled fez. You can find out more about how this transformation might have happened in this post. The pattern includes the fez and bowtie, but can be used to make a regular penguin too.

Click HERE to download the free pattern.

This link will take you to an image of the pattern that can be resized to make anything from a tiny penguin ornament to a large penguin pillow. A PDF of the pattern is also available on Craftsy HERE (PDFs can't be resized though).

I discovered something really interesting when I googled "Doctor Who penguin". There are actually a ton of penguin Doctors out there! Here is a selection from Kicking Cones on Tumblr! (Also, check out her Geordi Laforge penguin, and many more!)

Given the number of penguin Doctor representations, I got curious and tried looking up Doctor Who duck (yes), Doctor Who bunny (yes), Doctor Who pony (big yes!), and Doctor Who badger (to a lesser extent, yes). So then the challenge became to find an animal that has NOT been mashed up with Doctor Who. The rule I set here is that a character from the show has to actually be represented as this animal. The two appearing together in an image (for example: Matt Smith riding a shark) would be too easy and doesn't count.

I tried giraffe (yes), elephant (yes), and pig (yes), then camel (yes), turtle (yes), and shark (it's a really bad job but it does exist - also found a shark wearing a fez). And finally, the winner was the humble anteater! There is no image of the Doctor as an anteater that I could find. I should point out, however, this Doctor Who related giveaway on the Sexy Anteaters tumblr, which almost counted. I consider this a challenge. Perhaps there is an anteater mashup in my future?

- Update: I got carried away googling animal mashups and forgot to tell you about these awesome free projects -
Fill your tree with penguin ornaments using this tutorial from Do Small Things with Love, complete with accessory ideas for personalizing each penguin.
You could also make a family of customizeable penguin softies thanks to these patterns from LucyKate Crafts, including Mom penguin, Dad penguin, and matching Baby penguin.
For the Doctor Who enthusiasts, Tally's Treasury has posted a tutorial for making your own fez out of felt! Also included are some Doctor Who party decorations and drink recipes. Awesome!


  1. We love penguins! We have all kinds of decorations around the house in penguin shapes. I can't pretend I get the Dr. Who reference, but I love it anyway! :)

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  2. Hee! All of those Dr. Whos as penguins are so cute! :D