Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Robot Mini Quilt Completed

It's the Modern Mini Quilt Challenge, and I've been looking forward to sharing my Sir Robot wall hanging. This guy was originally supposed to be a quick easy project that I could finish in one weekend, but he took a bit longer because I ended up using him as a test subject for many things, not the least of which was figuring out how to re-calibrate the tension on my sewing machine after it had been sent away for service.

This wall hanging measures 20" x 22" and was the prototype for my Sir Robot quilt block pattern. I wanted to surround the robot with quilting designs that would compliment its straight lines and blocky shapes. I used circuit board for the background, and straight line quilting in the borders. At first, I'd planned to fill the borders with giant cogs, but I was recently reminded, working on another project, how difficult it is to quilt proper straight lines. I decided to practice those instead.

For the body of the robot, I used a cogs quilting design from the Free Motion Quilting Project. I love it! I'm especially happy with the heart, which is hand appliquéed and became nice and puffy once I quilted around it. Its puffiness makes it the focal point of the quilt.

One of the questions I wanted to answer with this mini quilt was: if you join multiple pieces of batting, are those joins visible in the final quilt? Sadly, the answer in this case was yes, so I will probably not be using this method on a large project.

For binding, I combined leftover binding scraps from six earlier quilts, and I think that fits the project really well. Here is the completed wall hanging!


  1. So cool! I love the cogs in the body - makes the guy pop :o) He also reminds me a little bit of the early versions of Clank from the video game, Rachet and Clank. Great job!!!

  2. He's really great, I still heart him! One of the ladies at a bee I go to was telling me about a batting tape that works (she's quite experienced long-armer). Sadly, I dont remember what it was called, but I do remember she kept referring to it as "fabric" tape. I plan on asking her next time I see her. I'll let you know if I remember to ask!

  3. I love the cog quilting! It really highlights the heart. Thanks for sharing!

  4. He's fun! Thanks for taking part in the Modern Mini Challenge!