Friday, 17 May 2013

Train Blanket Revisit

We interrupt your regularly scheduled Felt Pattern Friday for the Spring Blogger's Quilt Festival party! This is an occasion for all of us quilting geeks to get together and show off our work. It's always great fun and very inspiring. You can check out all of the submissions here.

I got a ton of sewing done this winter, but due to a batting shortage I only fully finished one quilt. It's the biggest thing I've free motion quilted so far, and it turned out great. This was made by request for someone who regularly travels to our place by train (21 hours each way). The criteria were: red, hammer & sickle design, small enough to carry in your baggage, big enough to cover a person sleeping uncomfortably in a seat.

Blogger’s Quilt Festival Stats
Finished quilt measures: 56″x 65″
Technique: wholecloth quilt
Quilted by: Me!
Category: Throw Quilt, Domestic Machine Quilted

The wholecloth front is quilted entirely with black thread, except for the small design at the top which was done in white. Since there wasn't much room here for creative piecing, I decided to have a bit more fun with the back. I love the back!

Despite having to deal with almost constant thread breaks, I'm really proud of my quilting on this one!

After a thorough sitting, my quality assurance assistant declared it adequate:

It has now gone off to its new home, where it awaits its first train ride!


  1. The quilting is amazing!! (Try a slightly larger needle if you're having trouble with breakage - made the world of difference for me. Meant lots less f-words...)

    Beautiful job.

  2. beautiful quilt. Your quilting goes along so well with the "city".

  3. Beautiful quilt! I love your quilting on it, that's a hard one to pull off! :)

  4. Wow1 That quilting is amazing - great texture. I really like the front and back :)

  5. Great job on the quilting, the texture overall looks fab

  6. This is striking! Great quilting and use of colour.