Saturday, 11 May 2013

Prize Winners & Top 10 Urban Designs

Sew Mama Sew giveaway week was a lot of fun! I really enjoyed visiting new blogs, and reading all of your comments. I've turned all of the suggestions into this nifty word cloud. I'll certainly be coming back to it for design inspiration. You'll find a list of the top designs below, but first the winners!

Prize #1 - Congratulations to KT, who is a fellow a Doctor Who fan!
Prize #2 - Congratulations to Carla G who suggested a traffic light or railway crossing!
Top 10 designs, as voted by you:
Street Signs
Phone booth
Traffic light
Railroad crossing
Lamp post
Stop sign
Street lamp
Top 5 adjectives describing them:
Old fashioned
Great inspiration, and some of these patterns are already on their way! Here's a peek at some prototypes for designs I'm currently writing up. (The traffic light has changed quite a bit since this version was made - update soon!)

The street sign design will have to remain a mystery for a bit longer... because I cut up the first prototype to make this:

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