Sunday, 26 May 2013

Flower Brooch Templates

Nothing says spring quite like flowers. The markets are full of them, stores are opening up garden centres out front, and they're popping up all over the lawn. The lawn ones are mostly dandelions, of course, but there are violets and forget-me-nots in there too. I even received a lovely potted geranium recently that I will try my hardest to keep alive.

I'm not usually very attracted to floral designs. You won't see me picking out floral fabrics to sew or to wear, and no floral curtains, wallpaper, sofas, or flower themed home decor items of any kind. I do, however, love to wear a felt brooch on my lapel. They are fun and colourful, and add a touch of personality to what would otherwise be a pretty boring wardrobe.

Click HERE to download the templates.

This set contains five flower templates that can be mixed and matched in multiple ways to create funky brooches. Making a brooch isn't as easy as cutting out a few pieces of felt in the shapes of the templates though! The most important part of designing one of these is deciding on materials and embellishments. Detail work is that special touch that makes a plain flower into a flower masterpiece.

In terms of materials, felt is always a winner, but consider using unconventional materials like foam, faux leather, upholstery fabrics, burlap, or plastics. As for embellishments, hand embroidery is my favourite. Beads, buttons, crystals, glitter, and found materials are great as well.

Other popular uses for felt flowers are on hats, headbands, bags, or necklaces. Currently, I'm working on my own version of this amazing necklace. There will likely be another flower themed post this year dealing with the finished piece.

For details on how to go from a paper template to a finished accessory, I recommend this tutorial on how to design and make a felt brooch from Bugs and Fishes.

Did you know that felt flowers are popular as alternative bridal bouquets? Check out these, or these, or this one!

Flowers also make great textured decor pieces, using an embroidery hoop as a frame. Make your own simple wall art with this decorated embroidery hoop tutorial, or repurpose a pair of jeans to make this denim and felt floral hoop.

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  1. Those are so cute! If I were ever to get married I'd much rather have felt flowers than real ones. Great idea!