Saturday, 30 March 2013

Tiny Felt Coat

With warm spring weather fast approaching, I'm switching gears and getting ready to post spring and summer themed patterns over the next few months. But first, I give you one last dose of winter, just like the weather has been.

This pattern is part of the Snow Day Ornament Set from Posie Gets Cozy that I received as a gift from a lovely coworker. I had to make the Red Wool Coat ornament immediately. The really fine details are what make this pattern so cute. However, as you may know, I'm absolutely incapable of making something from a pattern without some kind of fundamental modification, so mine became a yellow wool coat.

I'll admit that the colour I chose kind of takes away from the winter warmth vibe you get from the red coat, but I did inadvertently discover an interesting thing: this pattern would make a darn cute spring raincoat if you substituted an umbrella or a pair of wellies for the mittens.

This little coat requires doll buttons, which I'd never used before. I tried all of my smallest regular buttons, but none of them looked right. I ordered the doll buttons on eBay, used three for this project, and now have two hundred tiny (1/4" diameter) buttons to find projects for. I'm pretty excited about that.

The coat ornament was fun to make, and I plan to use this pattern again. (The pattern set also includes mitten and polar bear ornaments.) The one thing I did notice is that the pattern doesn't include a picture of the back of the coat, which would have been a useful reference. Here is what the back looks like:

If you're a fan of tiny felt clothing, here are some freebies that might also interest you:

This felt corset pattern from Flickr user Rectangel has been on my bucket list for years. I'm hoping to get to it soon.

Next time you're at the local library, consider picking up Softies: Simple Instructions for 25 Plush Pals in order to make this Paper Doll Dress by Alicia Paulson. While looking up this book, I found a Steampunk Softie book too! I've placed a hold on it, and should be receiving it soon.

For a coat in a different style, check out this peacoat ornament pattern which includes directions for a tiny little wire coat hanger. You can also find a doll sized kimono pattern at Nuno Life (this blog is full of squee-inducing patterns, pop in and take a look around!)

What does one do with all of these tiny felt things anyway? How about building a sticky board on which to display and play with them? This Smile and Wave tutorial teaches you how to make the board, and includes lots of simple patters for tiny felt clothes to put on it! This is geared towards kids, but I think it would make equally great interactive wall art for an adult.

Check back next week, when I'll be starting on spring with a fluffy cloud and raindrop set!


  1. that is soooooo cute!!!!! I think you should make Christmas ornaments and dedicate a Christmas tree to them. Also, they would be great Christmas gifts!!!