Friday, 1 March 2013

Felt Skunk Pattern

I was really hoping to tell you all about my skunk pattern last week, but time somehow got away from me. The skunks are very disappointed at having been left in my draft folder for a week, you can tell by their tilted heads and beady little eyes. Or maybe they're just curious about you.

Click HERE to download the free pattern.

This pattern image can be resized to make anything from a small skunk pin to a large skunk pillow. A PDF version of the pattern is also available through Craftsy HERE (PDFs can't be resized though).

This skunk is actually based on my badger pattern. Someone had mentioned that it looked a bit like a skunk, so I thought I would make a badger in black & white to see what happened. This was the result :

This wasn't quite what I was going for, but it was a good start. With a few modifications, it became the pattern you see above. This skunk has no tail, and for that I apologize. It's the badger's fault... He didn't have a tail, and I couldn't quite figure out where to add one after the transformation. This is where your imagination will come into play!

The way I would do it, if I was making a skunk ornament, is to add a white stripe all the way up the back. You can use the skunk diagram from the pattern (shown on the left) as a template for cutting out the back (shown on the right). Then, you can get as creative as you want adding a white stripe. Sew the front and back together to complete the project.

Want more adorable and free skunk project ideas? There aren't many out there, it turns out. Skunks seem to be one of the more underrepresented of the adorable woodland creatures. It's up to us to change that!

Crochet a Punk Skunk Hat for your rebel toddler, created by Craftsy designer SewMuchLove.

Learn how to sculpt a clay skunk with a fluffy tail thanks to this kid-friendly tutorial.

Knit a funky skunk scarf from this pattern, designed by Goodnightgram.

Next week on Felt Pattern Friday, we'll be switching gears and talking shamrocks in preparation for St-Patrick's day. The woodland creature series will wrap up the following week with squirrels, and news about the upcoming series.


  1. Thank you for the skunk pattern. I LOVE skunks!! and my daughter likes working with felt. so she can make me one or 6.

  2. Adding to my pattern collection... These would make great appliques for a woodsy themed quilt, I think... :-)