Saturday, 16 February 2013

Felt Rabbit Pattern

This week's Felt Pattern Friday is all about bunnies! I drew bunnies often as a kid. I really enjoyed shaping their ears, but never quite managed to get the legs right, no matter how much I practiced. Artistic realism has never been my strong suit. I tend to perceive big bold shapes and colours rather than fine details and precise shades. The result is a rabbit pattern that, though undeniably cute, is very simple. This means I was able to include TWO copies of the pattern on this page, in different sizes.

Click HERE to download the free pattern.

This pattern image can be resized to make anything from a small bunny pin to a large bunny pillow. A PDF version of the pattern is also available through Craftsy HERE (PDFs can't be resized though).

I made one of my bunnies into an ornament by adding a string between its ears for hanging. I didn’t feel the need to give this one a nose or a tail since it was so brightly coloured. It's now hanging above my desk and makes me smile when I look up.

Want more adorable and free rabbit project ideas?

There are some pretty great Easter Peep bunny projects out there. My two favourites are this Easter Peeps Bunny Bunting from Made by Dana, and these delightful Marshmallow Bunny Plushies from Dandelions and Lace. Don’t you wish you were hugging one right now?

How about rabbit place settings for a dinner party table? (Make these a bit smaller and you've got a set of finger puppets.) You could even complement them with a simple rice filled bunny centerpiece.

The Hazelnuts Felt Bunny is a reproduction 1950s stuffed animal. The pattern comes with assembly instructions, as well as suggestions for embellishing your bunny or modifying its eyes to give it a range of emotions. I would customize mine to look bored and unimpressed.

Finally, for the littl’uns, there are simple projects like this stylish bunny hair barrette, and this bunny candy pouch.

Next week on Felt Pattern Friday, let's talk skunks!


  1. I think my friends are getting something adorable for Easter... :-)

  2. these are absolutely darling! Thanks for linking up at my What We Wore, Read, and Made Wednesday Party :)