Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Colour Block of the Month: TARDIS Blue

November's Colour My World Challenge colour was blue. Yay! I'd been especially looking forward to blue, and planning what to do with my scrap of TARDIS linoprint fabric. You may remember this TARDIS fabric from the first installment of my Doctor Who drama "Oh no! The Doctor's been transformed into a penguin".

I've been using a different improvisational piecing technique for each month's block, and this month I went with the log cabin method in order to ensure the TARDIS would be the central element of this quilt block. The log cabin can be as traditional as quilt blocks get, but with some variable widths and unusual angles it can also go very modern.

I started with strips in lots of different shades of blue. I sewed the first one to the left side of my centre fabric, then one strip across the top, and kept going clockwise until it looked big enough.

I trimmed the shape into a square, added a matching border, and here is my finished blue TARDIS quilt block! It probably could have done without the dinosaurs... but that's the whole point of improvising.

So far I've got eleven colour blocks, there's only green left! The quilt size I plan to make with these actually requires 24 blocks, so each will be getting a companion block as they are quilted. I've got a plan for this in 2013. Can't wait to show you what I've got in mind.

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  1. Is it coincidence that the TARDIS block was your 11th block, or is it a little tip of the hat to the 11 doctors?