Thursday, 8 November 2012

Fun Felt Ornaments

Here we are in good old autumn again, those lovely months when the temperature gets a little brisk and all of the golden red leaves gracefully float free of their branches. Or, in the Prairies, those couple of days that it takes for wind storms to rip the leaves off the trees and bring snow. At least we're too far inland to be affected by hurricanes, and if all else fails, I always feel better after checking out the weather forecast for Vostok.

Around this time of year, I like to make felt flower pins to wear on the lapel of my fall jacket. I've made two so far. They might end up as decorations for my office, since my thick furry winter (or 'prairie autumn') jacket is all business and doesn't have room for pins.

I've also started on a series of handmade ornaments, but not in any traditional holiday sense. We don't tend to decorate or put up a tree, but I did find a very cool branch this summer that is just crying out to become wall art.

I've cut some circles out of different colours of felt to embroider when I need to occupy my hands. All of the designs are freehand. I've just been sewing random shapes until it looks like something, and then turning it into that thing. The blue ornament in the top left corner, for example, started out as a top hat, then for a while it was going to be a lamp, and finally settled into the shape of a cat.

The next step is figuring out how to hang a branch on the wall without making holes or ripping off paint. More on this soon!


  1. these are adorable! How about command hooks? they come in clear and don't tear up your walls. Or you could use suction cups and hang it in the window.

  2. Your felt pins are gorgeous... I think I might have just been inspired as to christmas gifts for my mom. She always wears pins on her winter coats, just like my grandmother did, and I always had my own collection for my coats growing up too... Wow! Bit of a flashback there. :-)

    I love how fluid and creative freehand embroidery can be. I think that's why I took to it so much more than I had tolerance for cross stitching. Colouring in the lines? why would someone want to do that?! (Love love love the robot!)