Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Android Cover Complete

It's been a while since I got a chance to share my crafty adventures, but rest assured crafty adventures are being had. I finished my quilted smartphone cover last week, and so far it's been just as useful as I'd hoped. It fits snugly around my phone, keeping it from sliding out, and absorbs most of the noise from pesky telemarketing calls while I'm at work.

I lined the inside with thick cotton flannel, and it's been doing a good job of cleaning the screen when the phone slides in and out. I'm not sure many people understand what the little android appliqué is about (it is the Android operating system's logo), but I don't mind because it's just adorable.

The only downside to a non rigid cover is that it doesn't actually prevent any of the side buttons from being pressed when the contents of my phone shifts around, but so far that hasn't been an issue. The one issue that I have had so far is with the phone itself. When I first got it, the battery wouldn't hold a charge for a day, even when the phone wasn't used during that period. After much googling, and the installation of apps like CPU Spy and Better Battery Stats, we figured out how to make the device go into sleep mode when it's not in use, as it should have been doing all along. (You'd think the basic functions on a gadget this fancy would work right out of the box, but sadly that wasn't so.)

Now that the battery issues have been resolved, the phone and I are getting along all right. I've even got it singing Gangnam Style for all notifications to annoy the people around me. (I used to have my ringtone set to the William Tell Overture for the same purpose - hear it once and it's stuck in your head for hours. Go ahead, click here to listen to it and see what I mean!)


  1. That's really good. And cute enough to quell any Gangnam-induced rage from the people around you :-)