Saturday, 29 September 2012

Libations with a Librarian Tablescape

Sew Mama Sew, one of my favourite blogs, is having a Table Stitch, Table Set, Tablescape contest for the month of September. As soon as I started thinking about my contribution, I realized that virtually all of the kitchen things I've made have been gifts for others, most of whom live too far away to lend them to me for an evening. I did, however, come up with a few fun handmade items for tonight's dinner:

Pictured here: matching wine cozy, coasters & napkin rings; wine cork centrepiece,
and home brewed apple cider.
I am a big fan of this centrepiece, even though it is quite simple. It's a flower vase filled with wine corks, around which I've wrapped a ribbon to match the table cloth.

I chose to call this tablescape 'Libations with a Librarian', since the wine corks were my inspiration for the theme, and one man of the house is a librarian. (The other is a cat.) We recently brewed a large batch of apple cider, which fit very well into the theme. I also included the quilted wine cozy that I made recently. It has been a big success and it's getting a lot of use.

With the remaining quilted fabric, I made a set of matching napkin rings and coasters.

 A set table is no fun without a delicious meal though. I had to include a shot of my tablescape at dinner time:

The cute little chevron mug rug on the left was my first ever quilting project, and it has turned out to be an excellent way to put out dessert. I even managed to get a close up before the little cinnamon pinwheels were all gone. (I will talk more about these in my next baking post.)

The main course was quiche with sun dried tomatoes, artichoke, and feta. Here is a better view. I wish you could have a taste, it was quite good. (More on my quiche recipes in the next baking post as well.)

Now that I've realized how few table items I've made for our place, I definitely plan to make more, such as a table runner, a set of placemats, and some cloth napkins. There will be a lot more on our table to show next year!

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