Sunday, 23 September 2012

Groove Quilt - Step Two

Pile O' FabricApologies for the lack of updates over the last little while, all of my free time has been going towards constructing our new bedspread for the Totally Groovy Quilt Along.

I've got my sewing machine set up perfectly for piecing this quilt, and I haven't wanted to screw it up by working on anything else until it's done. It's hard to believe that I've been working on this for eight weeks already. I can only imagine how much longer it would take if I were actually putting this together according to the directions on the pattern.

As you might have noticed in previous projects, I seem to have a pathological inability to follow instructions. So, of course, I've taken it upon myself to make an extremely large version of the Groove quilt, while also completely reworking the pattern to decrease the number of seams and change the order in which the pieces go together.

Instead of working in rows of small pieces, I am working in chunks of large pieces. Ten days ago, I'd completed three chunks:

Already, at that point, I had run out of floor space inside the house to lay the quilt down and photograph it properly. It was only half done! I was starting to worry about the overall size.

Over the last two weekends I've continued to work at it, and I've now completed two other chunks. This time, I had to lay it out on the lawn in order to photograph it.

My first reaction when seeing the pieces together for the first time was "Whoa, I didn't think it would be so neon!" For some reason I had pictured this quilt as predominantly dark, with some lime green and orange accents. Not so! It's mostly very bright, with a little wisp of dark blue. I'll have to wait and see the whole thing put together before I can decide if I like it as much as I thought I would. No matter what, I'll be very excited to finally get the top finished and start on the back.


  1. I like it! Love those colors together!

  2. It's looking great, MC! Now I'm really wishing that I'd done that QAL.