Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Groove Quilt - Step One

Pile O' FabricThe fabric for my Totally Groovy Quilt Along project finally arrived late last week, just as I was admiring the completed quilts that other participants have made. I spent the weekend calculating, pre-washing, and pre-cutting everything in order to get started. I plan to assemble this quilt using Amanda at The Crafty Fox's log cabin pattern hack approach. This will save time, use less fabric, and result in a quilt that is less bulky going through my sewing machine - win, win, win.

A huge thanks to the designer Emily Cier and to Alyssa at Pile O'Fabric for providing me with a copy of this pattern. I'm excited to see it come together.

I ordered a total of 21.5 yards of fabric for this, whoa! Finishing at 99" by 99", it will be the biggest quilt I've ever made. If the weight of the box was any indication, this quilt will not be lacking in weight and warmth.

Kona solid fabrics in Chartreuse, School Bus, Brick, Pepper, and Celadon
There was quite a bit of setup required, so I don't have much to show for my hard work yet. I hope that the sketching and cutting that I've done over the last week will pay off with some quick assembly this weekend. I am very proud of my very first pieced curves though! Here is the panel I've made so far, which represents about one tenth of the overall size.

This week's exercise over at the Free Motion Quilting Project fits in perfectly with what I am currently working on. Leah suggests creating a mockup in order to audition different quilting designs and see how they will work together. I grabbed my handy dandy Groove Quilt colouring page tried a few combinations.

Winning so far: the top right combination (tree roots, stippling, looping, zippling, and pebbles)

It didn't take me long to realize that lines weren't going to work, both because they require too much movement, and because the width of the sections changes often. Once I eliminated that possibility, I was left with five designs that only require moving the quilt a little bit at a time. These are also designs that I feel comfortable using on a quilt this size, without fear that I will get frustrated and stop enjoying it.

At this point I've got the back of the bedspread completely planned out, and the designs I'm going to use while quilting it. I should probably get moving and actually assemble the top now!


  1. how did you make that coloring page??

    1. The coloring page was created by Alyssa at Pile O'Fabric for the QAL. I modified it a bit in order to see many different design possibilities side by side on the same page.

      It is available to participants through the Flickr group here.

    2. I thought you had some fancy schmancy computer program. Your curves are beautiful. I don't know why, but I didn't see the whole post earlier:/

  2. Really cool! Love the different quilting patterns. I've been wanting to make this quilt, but I need to finish some of the ones I have started first!

  3. Awesome! I saw that quilt back in the spring and absolutely love it. It's so groovy! Your fills are all great choices, and yes, you're right about lines. If you really wanted one section filled with lines, you could always mark them on the quilt before quilting. This way you could account for the expanding / contracting nature of the space and ensure they're evenly spaced.

    Yes it takes a bit more time, but it would allow you to use that design if you really wanted to. No matter how you quilt it, this is going to look awesome!


  4. Love your groovy quilt colors. Nice job on the FMQ choices too.