Friday, 20 July 2012

Loopy Care Bears Blanket Revisit

I introduced this blanket a few weeks ago to show off my Loopy Lines quilting, but I had to wait for proper sunshine in order to get good photos of the patchwork. Now that it has been passed on to the adorable littl'un who inspired it, I am finally ready to reveal the finished blanket for TGIFF!

I couldn't pick just one print for this little girl's blanket, so I decided to combine some 6" squares of my favourite kiddie prints. My inspiration colours were girly pink and Disney's Bibbidy Bobbidy Blue. The fabrics I chose may not exactly match, but they do create a sharp contrast that I hope makes it interesting to curious young eyes.

The blanket is entirely made out of flannel to keep it lightweight for summer, and the size was actually decided by the amount of Care Bears flannel I'd been saving. I received this fabric from my aunt who is no longer sewing and gave away most of her fabric stash. These are vintage bears from the eighties, before they started making them "thin". (Though not actual branded Care Bears since they are missing their tummy symbol.)

I feel the need to point out that bears actually need their body fat. They hibernate! The new Care Bears wouldn't make it through their first winter... nor would the new My Little Ponies.

Kid's items are the most fun to make, because there is no limit to the cuteness you can put into them. I love the way this blanket turned out, and I've already got pictures for the fridge of an adorable budding Care Bears fan playing on it.


  1. Such cute fabrics! I agree, the new Care Bears and My Little Ponies would never survive winter!! I don't think the new Strawberry Shortcake and her friends would either!!

  2. I guess I am one of the original Care Bears....:o) Totally adoreable!

  3. I haven't seen the new ones. THis is an adorable blanket. :D

  4. OK - I went and looked them up. Are those chipmunks? That's what they look like now. . . ;D

  5. Can I ask where you got the material pattern for the care bears blanket? It looks exactly like the one I had as a baby and now that I am having my own baby soon I would love to get another. I just found my old baby blanket today and it is so faded and old you can barely make out the care bears at all!