Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Spotted Dinosaurs Baby Quilt Completed

My little nephew arrives tomorrow for his first visit and I've finished his quilt just in time. This is a dinosaur themed baby quilt with a flannel back (details on the fabric and pattern can be found in this post). It was the perfect opportunity to try my new free motion quilting skills on a real project.

The last few months of the Free Motion Project Quilt Along have focused on perfecting stippling, and that's the design I decided to use for this quilt. I'm so proud to have completely quilted this blanket myself! I had a few problems with scale and with forming nice curves, but none of that matters to a seven month old. Overall it looks great, and is really soft and cuddly.

I quilted the seams and corners as much as possible, then double stitched the binding onto the edges in hopes that it will stand up to multiple washings. When I was a littl'un, I had a white Winnie the Pooh blankie. It was dragged around in the dirt, cried over, thrown up on, and its silk ribbon edge was sucked until the ink wore off. I will be extremely happy if this blankie has a similar fate.

Here is what the finished quilt looks like. (Sigmund knew he wasn't allowed to cuddle up on this one, but he did come and give it the once-over to make sure it was up to his standards.)


  1. Love, love LOVE it! I'm sure your nephew will enjoy his little dyno-quilt. Good idea to double stitch the binding, my 1 year old baby girl is addicted to her burp cloths, she drags them everywhere..good thing I have loads, so they get washed all the time, luckily she does not have a favorite yet or that would have been a problem.

    Your stippling looks great!

  2. Very nice quilting! I have a similar "inspector" in my house too LOL!

  3. He will love it! Those dinosaurs have stipple like shapes to them. The stippling looks perfect with them!

  4. I love you quilt, really cute! Your cat is so adorable.

  5. Your quilt is wonderful - I love the fmq and the flannel will be really snuggly for your nephew :)

  6. Oh, it looks fabulous! You have really gotten the hang of stippling. I know how good it feels to say you made the whole quilt yourself, you should be VERY proud of yourself, great job.

    And thank you for linking up to Quilty Embellishment Day!