Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Fire Hydrant Quilt Block

I've been thinking about Leah Day's advice that there is more value in creating a pattern that can be shared than there is in making just one quilt from it myself. Design is the element that interests me most in quilting, and I tend to come up with lots of non traditional ideas for which patterns don't currently exist. In theory, I am also good at technical writing and transforming abstract things into concrete instructions.

My goal is to put together a pattern for a fire hydrant quilt block as a proof of concept. The pattern would make both of these two options:

The block has a lot of pieces that need to be assembled in the right order to fit. I drew a scale version of it that (hopefully) will show the order of assembly. I also listed the number and size of pieces to cut from each colour. Next comes breaking it down into step by step instructions.

I think they're pretty darn cute. However, there's no way of knowing if anyone other than me would ever want to use this design for a quilt. Should be a good learning opportunity either way.

Update: the pattern for this block is now available HERE! 


  1. I think it's a very cute fire hydrant. And even if it isn't real popular, it will be great practice at creating a pattern.

  2. I see a future for a series of road inspired blocks. These would be perfect for a quilt for anyone of my grandsons. Wasn't it you who did the orange hazard cones for your FMQ project when the rest of us were doing Leah's heart and feather pattern?

  3. I think it's awesome! I love it as a single pattern (great piecing skill builder) or accompanied with other pieced, road-inspired patterns. Right off the top of my head I'm thinking of street signs, parking meters, simple cars, etc.

    Write up the pattern in Word, then transfer it to a PDF using PrimoPDF (free program). Then you can easily put it on Etsy or a website and email it to buyers when it sells.

    I guess I should go more into detail on the nitty gritty of publishing, shouldn't I? I'll definitely share more on that stuff this Sunday!

    Good luck with writing the pattern!


  4. Seriously too cute! I say make the pattern - why not?!

  5. That's what I like about you......your approach is definitely "outside the box" go girl!!!! Some years ago I did a Scotty dog quilt for my son. Could have used a block like that!!

  6. Awesome block! I think it would for sure sell! As Gwyned said, her grandsons would love it. Go a few steps further, Firemen, heck, even dog lovers.We need more block and quilt ideas geared for males. You never know until you try:)

  7. Love your blocks. You're very creative. I always find cute stuff that you comeup with.