Sunday, 15 April 2012

Spirals and Butterflies for Animal Rescue

This week I got a chance to try out Don Linn's Free Motion Quilting Challenge technique for making stencils. I chose a design from Don's book Free-Motion Machine Quilting, which is filled with great quilting designs, and transferred it to some see through fabric with a sharpie. Here is my stencil:

In order to practice my free motion quilting this year, I've been creating a series of security blankets for rescued cats, inspired by the Snuggles Project. All of the blankets will be donated to a local animal rescue organization at the end of the year. These are the flannels I put together for this blanket:

I transferred the butterfly design to the blanket with a water soluble marker. Some of the permanent ink transferred as well, since I didn't heat seal my stencil with an iron, but that's not tragic. (My iron shattered when my lovely kitty pushed it off the ironing board a few days before. *sigh*) I quilted the butterflies in black thread to make them stand out and hide the black ink underneath. It worked pretty well.

I filled the area around the butterflies with some spirals from last month's challenge, and used spiral flowers over the rest of the blanket.

spiral flowers
I think this turned out really cute, but I'll have to revisit the stencil technique now that the iron situation is resolved. Drawing spirals used a lot more thread than I was expecting. If I ever use these on a large size project, I will space them out a lot more.

Here is the finished blanket, ready to provide kitty comfort!


  1. Love your butterflies and swirls. And thank you so much for linking up! You ROCK!

  2. Very nice - I think I will have to try this too!!! I love butterflies :)