Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Liebster Award Time

The awesome Danielle at Fresh off the Spool was kind enough to award me the Liebster Award this week. Liebster, in German, translates to 'kind', 'likeable', or 'favourite' and this award is designed to point readers towards new blogs (pre-200 followers) that you may not yet know about.

I started this blog back in November as a way to share all of the fun stuff I was up to after moving to a new city where I didn't know many people. This coincided with my learning to quilt, and I think the blog has been a fantastic tool to connect to the online crafty community which is full of great ideas and motivation to create fun things. I've learned a ton in the past six months and had a great time doing it.

The rules for the Liebster award are the following:
1. Thank your award presenter and link back to him/her (Thanks! You can see what Danielle has been up to here!)
2. Post the award info on your blog
3. Present the Liebster Award to 5 blogs that you think deserve to be recognized
4. Let them know by leaving a comment on their blog
5. Have faith that your follower will spread the love too !

I am passing on the love by telling you about these five blogs from the crafty community that I've discovered recently and have been enjoying:

April's Homemaking - April's 52 Weeks of Fairy Tales series includes information about the stories, as well as related crafts. I've been enjoying reminiscing about these tales and discovering new versions from the ones I know.

Duke Says Sew What - Check out the adventures of Kris and her doggie Duke. What's better than pictures of a cool quilt? A cool quilt with an adorable (and often captioned) dog!

Mama's Crafts - Some really cute projects being made right here in my corner of the prairie.

Live, Laugh, Love... Sew - In the short time since she started blogging, Marika has been sewing up a storm in lots of bright colours.

Soggy Bottoms Baby Duds - Whether it's a craft, a rant, food, or adorable animal pictures, Robin's posts are always good for a laugh.


  1. Thanks for the award !!!

  2. Thanks for the award! It's taken me awhile, but I'm finally getting around to checking out your blog too. You've got a great site :)