Thursday, 19 April 2012

Introducing: Spotted Dinosaurs

Baby blankets are possibly my favourite thing to sew because of all the adorable printed fabrics that are available. I've made some out of flannel before, but this is the first time I take on a quilted one. Since this is a boy's blanket, I knew from the beginning that I wanted dinosaurs, so off I went to the quilt shop to find some.

Dinosaurs are from the Urban Zoologie collection by Anne Kelle
Brown spots are from Mixxmaser Fizz by Patrick Lose
Little green animals are from Baby Safari by Carina Gardner
The blue spotted Cuddle Print is a nice thick flannel from Fabri-Quilt

I needed a design that would be simple enough to let the print stand out. A baby is bound to be more interested in dinosaurs than in small pieces of dinosaurs arranged geometrically. I wanted it to have more personality than just a checker board pattern though. This is the design I came up with to satisfy both requirements.

After 4 months of learning along with the Free Motion Quilting Project, I finally feel confident enough to give this blanket a go in free motion. I cut and pieced the fabrics according to my pattern and laid safety pins out in a grid that I can easily follow to quilt in rows.

I'm not sure how even my stitching is, but it has all been going very smoothly so far. I'm really happy that this is soon going to be ready for cuddling! If all goes well, there will be pictures of the finished blanket soon.

Also, I thought I would share my total piecing fail with you guys... Below is the centre square of the blanket. It's supposed to be a star.

I sewed one piece in sideways and didn't notice until the block was finished. Sadly, I did this TWICE. After much thread ripping, it did eventually become a star and all was well. This one block took me more time than the entire rest of the quilt.


  1. Your quilting looks great. Some lucky boy is going to be very happy checking out the dinosaurs on his quilt!

  2. You are right, it has been 4 months! It doesn't seem possible. Looks like you are having fun, except the unsewing bit, which I have done too. Love your baby quilt

  3. I like the design...looks great. Your stippling looks very even and consistent.

  4. Your quilting looks great! I just finished a little basket quilt and as I was quilting the last basket, I realized Ihad sewn the basket "body" upside down. Oh well...

  5. Hi MC, I awarded you with the Liebster Blog Award! Go to my blog and check it out!! Congrats!!

  6. It's a really cute quilt, don't worry about the mistake, that's why we have seam rippers! :) Your FMQ looks totally fine, if you're not satisfied with the stitch length I have to tell you that I've seen quilts quilted by professionals and their stitches are not even either (hope that made you feel better) :)

  7. I think your quilt looks great. Isn't Leah Day such a great quilting teacher?!!