Thursday, 29 March 2012

Colour Block of the Month: Black

This month I made a black quilt block as part of the Quilt Matters Colour My World Challenge. This is the third of the colour themed blocks, and I am already starting to have ideas about how I will put them together at the end of the year. Maybe a small bedspread for our inflatable guest bed? (Apologies to our guests, this isn't exactly the Hilton... but the food is at least as good!)

I really like black fabric, so I had a lot of small pieces ready for this project. Black doesn't work very well on its own though, so I threw in some tiny strips of bright colours to make it more interesting. I am trying a new improvisational piecing technique for each block, and the one I chose this time was inspired by the bright colour strips.

First I attached small strips at random to the pieces of black fabric I was using. Next, I sewed all of the similar sized pieces together, cutting up the big ones to fit where needed.

I kept sewing the pieces together by size until I got chunks that were mostly square shaped, adding little bits of extra black or colour where needed.

I matched two of the squares together and turned the third one into a long rectangle that would fit across the top. Here is everything all sewn together:

All that was left to do now was trim this weird shape down to a proper rectangle and add a border to match the previous blocks. This is the final block. It ended up having a bit of a 60's mod look. I like it.


  1. It does have a great mod look, MC! And I love how you got the music fabric in too. Very cool block!

  2. Hee, inflatable guest bed! You're better than me, though -- when we had four people staying over at our teeny house once, one person had to sleep on the floor half in the hallway and half in our bedroom!

    Your block is really cute! I like the diagonal strip. :)