Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Quilting Around Stuff for the Humane Society

This is the latest in the series of blankets I've put together while quilting along with Leah Day at the Free Motion Quilting Project. I am using these blankets to learn free motion quilting, and they will be donated to abandoned cats at the humane society through the Snuggles Project at the end of the year.

I went with a daisy theme this time around. Here are the flannels I chose for this blanket:

This week's exercise was to quilt the entire surface in one go, while going around shapes. I started by stitching two rows of flowers, giving myself something to go around, then I filled in the rest with stippling.

Leah provided diagrams of the path to follow to avoid getting stuck in a corner. I totally failed at following the instructions. Oops. It was hard to know which direction I was going while everything was moving so fast. I had to stop twice and start somewhere new to get the whole blanket done. I'll have to practice this one some more.

Here is the final blanket:


  1. But the quilting looks great! I love the flowers.

  2. The quilting is great and the flowers are neat. It doesn't really matter if you have to start and stop - Leah just gave us instructions to make it easier. Quilting these blankets is a wonderful way to practice. ~Jeanne

  3. The flowers look so cute and adorable.

  4. The flowers are a great idea.

  5. Love your quilting! :-) I've never tried to machine quilt-- it's something that I want to learn, though-- I love the look of it.. The flowers really add a lot to the quilt!! Very pretty!