Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Modern Mini Quilt Preview

This week's Free Motion Quilting Project exercise was to practice on a real quilt. This was the the kick in the pants that I needed to start quilting my project for the Modern Mini Quilt Challenge. My wonderful partner also provided some JD on the rocks to help with the creative flow.

I'm not ready to reveal the whole design just yet, but here is a preview showing some of my quilting from this week:

Update: Full quilt is posted HERE!

I stippled all over the white areas surrounding the main design. I played with the idea of quilting the rainbow bits the same way, and even drew up samples on the computer to see what they would look like, but in the end I couldn't bring myself to do anything that would interfere with the lines and symmetry of the diamonds.

Even though I wasn't going over any thick seam areas in free motion, I did find it harder to quilt this than the samples I've practised on so far. The bulk and weight of the quilt constantly needed to be moved around, which added one more dimension to focus on, so this definitely isn't the best stippling I've done. The scale is a little bit uneven, and in many places I came too close to a previous line, but overall I'm really happy with it. I plan to order a Supreme Slider to make things move more easily. The one thing that's bothering me at the moment is that my basting pins left some tiny ugly dints in the fabric.

My question for Leah this week is about wetting an unfinished quilt. I have this irrational fear of getting it wet, but you mentioned that you soak yours. Could you provide a little bit more information about when and why to do that? Will it help the basting pin holes close up?

Here is the whole quilt from the back. Not a single knot or eyelash to be seen!  


  1. Oh hey, here I am still going through my Reader and there's a new post! This is gorgeous! I think your instincts on leaving-be the rainbow bits were good. It looks so crisp and clean.

  2. Very pretty. Totally agree about stippling a bigger quilt: I was disappointed with the shapes in my stippling this week, and I think it was the difficulty of moving the quilt that was the problem.

  3. WOW ! That is great... love the lone star and the dot fabric on the back... your quilting on the star is beautiful on the back. Look forward to seeing the whole quilt one day!

  4. Woot! Woot! I can't wait to see the whole project front view!

    MC, that little teaser you showed us is so SWEET!! And sans knots/eyelashes - Wow!

  5. Excellent choice of quilting! Attempting a lone star type is something I have thought about for quite a while. Really like your color choices.....can't wait to see the 'big picture'! Hugs....

  6. Your mini looks great! That star shines against the white! If I were you, I'd get the Supreme Slider asap! I have one, and when i forget to put it on to FMQ i can tell immediately!!!!! I have the smaller on, but I plan on getting the queen size.

  7. Looks great! Thanks for the inspiration to get started on Leah Day's challenge again!