Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Welcome to My Craft Room

Two months ago, I moved about 5000km to Edmonton with my lovely partner Sam and rambunctious cat Sigmund. Until the day we landed here with one suitcase each and a very traumatized kitty in a carry-on bag, I had never been to Alberta.

After a year sharing a 2 bedroom apartment, we decided to rent a house in Edmonton so that each of us could have a space of their own. I was very excited to finally set up a craft room and not have to put away my sewing, painting & crafting projects every time we needed to use the dining room table for silly things like eating. Sam chose the house, and I saw it for the first time on the day we moved in.

Our first order of business was to buy the necessities while we waited for our furniture to arrive. All of our worldly possessions were taking the scenic route on a truck. We bought two sleeping bags, an inflatable mattress, two lawn chairs, a pot, two plates, two mugs, and two sets of kitchen utensils. That's basically all we had for 3 weeks. We cooked dinner in our pot, and laid out a sleeping bag on the floor like it was a picnic.

Thankfully, just when we thought we couldn't take another night on the air mattress, a team of movers arrived and filled our house with stuff. Who could have imagined that there had been more than enough stuff in our little apartment to completely fill a 4 bedroom house?

Just want to take a moment for a shout out to our movers: Outaouais Moving in Ottawa, and Bailey & Bailey's in Edmonton. Both teams were friendly, efficient, careful and generally great people to have around. Thanks guys... sorry we have so many books.

Now that we've unpacked, I finally have my craft room, and it's awesome. Enjoy the tour!


This is the view as you walk into the room. The first thing you see as you open the door in is my wall of hydrants. I like fire hydrants because they're colourful and found everywhere, and although most people see hundreds every day, no one ever really pays attention to them. There are 8 prints in the collection, but I have dozens more photos, and I'm thinking of changing them up for 8 new hydrants sometime soon.


The drawers and bins in the corner are for my sewing stash and accessories. The ironing board is key, because I use it all the time for pressing and it's also great for stacking things on that I want to keep out of reach of the cat. In the other corner I have a computer desk and a cutting/sewing table. The sewing table is actually an old hotel room desk that I got at a hotel going-out-of-business sale for $10 when i moved into my 1st apartment. On the other side of the room I have some stacked wooden crates for my painting supplies and notebooks, and a storage unit full of stationery, computer cables and other random junk. As you can see, there are also photos, paintings and stuffed animals scattered all over the place.

And, of course, here is Siggy trying to get in on the action. When he isn't eating or sleeping in the linen closet, he enjoys standing right exactly where he can most get in the way.

The plan for this craft room, and this blog, is to create and showcase quilts, hats, paintings and various other nifty projects in order to get me through what I predict will be a long cold Alberta winter. I also want to post some past projects which I found really fun. Hope you enjoy!

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