Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Pattern for a Table Runner

This weekend is the second installment of my Primary Patchwork course. We'll be taking the blocks that we made during the last class (here) and turning them into an actual blanket top. Can't wait! I started out with enough fabric to make 12 blocks, but in order to keep it manageable and get most of it done in class I've decided to make it slightly smaller.

This means that I've got a bunch of leftover fabric to work with, and it occurred to me that I know two people who could use a fun music themed table runner. If you recognize the bright red fabric I selected for this project, then this table runner might just be for you!

The fabrics I'll be using

This is the first quilt that I actually design from scratch, and I'm expecting a steep learning curve. I used Paint to draw it out in detail so that I would have a pattern to follow for cutting and piecing everything together. I'm not ready to reveal what the full design looks like quite yet, but this will give you an idea.

This is the basic pattern.

To start, I made a whole load of little 3.5" squares that have one red side and one black or white side. I would have taken a picture of all the squares laid out, but Sigmund tried to help and all of a sudden it was catmageddon so this is all I managed to get.

The overall pattern combines all of these into 12 larger blocks, which are based on the 'Colorado Variation' to a basic pinwheel. 

One block from the pattern
Same block made from the actual fabric 

I've learned a ton from this project already, such as the importance of properly counting how many pieces will be required before you cut them out (I was short 8 pieces when it finally came time to lay them all out). And also the importance of planning which way to press your seams ahead of time (I'm having to re-press 50% of them the other way as I put the pieces together). And most importantly the importance of not doing the math in your head (I came up 3/8" short on the striped pieces and had to recut them all). I'm sure there are many more valuable learning experiences to come before I get to the end of this project. 

Chances are that I'll be focusing on the blanket project for the next little while following my class, but everything for this table runner is cut out and ready to be assembled when the blanket is done. I'm really looking forward to seeing it come together.

**Edit: For more details and pictures of the completed table runner, see the follow-up post here.**

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