Monday, 21 November 2011

Memories of Summer Salad

I came across these pictures I took this summer of a delicious market salad, and it instantly made me feel better about the crazy cold outside. I thought I would share this recipe so that we can all start getting excited for the upcoming spring. Everything on this plate is from Ottawa's Byward Market.

The lovely ladies who lived in our house before we moved here had planted a small garden out back and thanks to them we had fresh vegetables all summer. Next spring I want to plant a garden of my own, and grow all of the fixins for making this awesome salad whenever I want. I'm especially excited for a raspberry bush.

To make two portions of this salad you need:
     - romaine lettuce
     - raspberries
     - a dozen pattypan squash, cut into quarters and roasted with olive oil and sea salt
     - one cucumber
     - feta cheese
     - cashew chunks

For the vinaigrette, combine equal quantities of:
     - balsamic vinegar
     - apple cider vinegar
     - apple juice
     - olive oil
     - mushed up raspberries (I used the berries that were not pretty enough to go into the salad)


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