Monday, 14 November 2011

From the Internets: Scoodies

The worst is finally here. I knew it would eventually happen, and everyone has told me that it isn't so bad, but I just thought I'd have more time. That's right, it's winter in Edmonton.
We've had snow for three days, and it's cold. I hear the temperature is still in the teens in Ottawa *sigh*. On the bright side, there are two white-tailed jackrabbits living in our back yard. Here is one foraging for treats (I left them some bread). 

In honour of this sharp sudden arrival of winter, and to keep my mind off the cold, I thought I'd share one of my favourite winter projects from the past, the scoodie!

If you search Flickr, you will see hundreds of interpretations of this internet classic. As far as I know, the concept originates from this awesome tutorial on the idietutes blog.

I made two of these out of thick cotton fabric and black fleece. The brown one is the first I made, butI realized that the hood was slightly too big. I revised the pattern for my second try, which is the white plaid one. It turned out great and I like to wear it over my toque on windy winter days.

If I had to do it over again, I would make the scarf part an inch wider, and about one foot shorter on either side. I would also use fleece material that is less stretchy. This black fabric annoyed me so much that the rest of it is currently piled up at the bottom of a kitty bed. I never want to sew with it again. In fact, I've had quite a few frustrating experiences with synthetic stretch fabrics, and I now stay away from anything stretchy that isn't cotton jersey.


  1. Holy crap! I'm so sorry you guys. I'll go outside today with my jacket open and with no other outwear apparel and enjoy it on your behalf.

    Love the scoodie! How practical! Do you have a serger? My coworker bought one off Kijij, I think, and has used it for chiffon thus far. It seems complicated, but also a bit magical.

  2. Thanks, I hope there's some nice warm sunshine for you to soak up on our behalf.

    No serger, unfortunately. They do seem magical. I try to convince myself that a zigzag stitch from my little ol' Kenmore works just as well...