Thursday, 17 November 2011

Dressmaker Mannequin Jewelry Holder

Even though we've been settled in to the new house for two months now, there are still a lot of small things that need doing. Today, I cut the paper and moving tape off my dress form and unwrapped all of my jewelry, which was stashed inside my vintage 80's peanut butter jar piggy bank.

This was the perfect excuse to take pictures of the cute mini dress form I made this week using the pattern from the DIY Dish How to Make a Dress Form Mannequin Pincushion tutorial. When I watched this video, I wanted to start sewing one right that second. In the end, I had to wait a week until I went to the library to print the pattern, but as soon as I got home I started cutting pieces. I went to two vintage stores looking for a candle holder to use as a base, but all of their candle holders were exppensive and very very tacky (iron roosters and such). I bought this base at the Army & Navy store for $5 instead. Score!
This is the miniature version
Here they are together, sans jewelry
The finished product
I attached all of my necklaces, bracelets and pins to the wire dress form for easy storage and display. She can now live on top of my dresser and help me choose accessories when I get dressed up.

Speaking of dress forms, I've had my eye on this fabric for a long time now. I hope to find an excuse to buy it before the stock runs out.

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