Saturday, 29 September 2012

Colour Block of the Month: Orange

This month's Quilt Matters Colour My World Challenge is to make a block out of orange fabric. Orange is my favourite colour. I've been looking forward to this one since the beginning, and it seemed like a nice reward for completing last month's white block. When I was in high school, I painted my room a pale orange, with bright pumpkin-orange trim. It always felt sunny in there, even at night. I loved that room! It has now been taken over by my youngest brother, who painted over it with black chalkboard paint.

I've been trying out a new improvisational quilting technique for each month's challenge. This one is inspired by Elizabeth Hartman's Mod Mosaic Technique, which accents printed fabric with white borders, and by the stained glass technique, which uses thin black borders between bits of coloured fabric. (You can see a cool example of a stained glass quilt here.)

In my version, I wanted to use some School Bus orange frames to highlight a printed scrap of fabric that I bought at a craft fair last year. Who can resist a kazoo?

Since the kazoo print didn't have straight edges, I added a dark orange border around it in order to trim it into a rectangle.  I also sewed all of my smaller orange scraps together into one long piece, with a thin strip of the School Bus fabric in between each one.

The idea here is that any two pieces of fabric should be separated by a strip of the School Bus orange. The frame effect started to take shape once I'd sewn a long strip to the bottom of each piece. I then sewed my block components together, adding a strip on either side to complete the frames.

Last, I added a dark orange border to finish it off. I officially declare this my favourite colour block. It looks so happy!

I considered quilting this one up on its own, as a place-mat or wall hanging for my office. It seems like a shame to surround it with other blocks that will fight for the observer's attention. However, that would   defeat the point of this whole project. I've instead promised myself to put this block right in the middle of the final quilt, where it will get the most attention. (Last month's white block, on the other hand, will get a spot in the corner that is least visible when the quilt is draped over a bed.)

Here are the nine colour blocks I've made up to now:


  1. It looks awesome, MC! It is so bright and cheeful and I love that kazoo. I'm so glad you enjoyed this month!

  2. Oh i love the orange! I think it's my favorite one!