Friday, 20 January 2012

Hand Stitched Felt TARDIS

This project started more than a year ago as a birthday present for Sam. I had planned to keep it a surprise by only working on it on Sunday Crafternoons when he wasn't around. When his birthday did arrive though, I was less than half done. I decided to show him what I had so far and keep working on it. So much for the surprise.

I'm proud to announce that finally, six month later, he's got his very own handmade to scale TARDIS! I thought I would make a little photo journal of how it all came together.

I used the proportions from a TARDIS picture  I found online to make a paper template (yes, I'm that kind of a geek) and cut them out of felt. I also cut some solid pieces for the back and whipstitched around each little square with a fine black thread to create a perspective effect.

The next step was to add bars in the windows, and a small 'POLICE BOX' rectangle at the top. I added another layer of blue felt to give it some depth. Then I repeated this three more times to make the other sides.

As you can see, I also added the little door plaque to the front panel to make it more official. Next, I needed to design a roof. I taped together another paper template to make sure my angles would work, and then cut four triangles out of felt. The TARDIS has many tiers on its roof, so I cut some extra felt to layer on top and give it some depth. With that, I was ready to sew the whole thing together.

It's even bigger on the inside than on the outside at this point!
How's that for a realistic Time And Relative Dimensions In Space machine?

I made a cardboard structure for the inside so that it would maintain its shape, and last of all I sewed a light on top. (This is actually the second light I made. The first one was round and just didn't look right.)

When it was ready, I took it on a trip to some barren landscapes (neighbour's front yard) for some photos.

 Here it is now in its new home on Sam's desk with its Dalek painting companion piece:

I wish my time lord much luck and happiness on his travels. May he save the world just in the nick of time, every time.


  1. I have no idea what Tardis means, but this looks great! I made my sister a robot themed mobile out of felt (never have done so before), and it is VERY tedious work! You should be proud, very professional looking=]

    1. Tardis.... Time And Relative Dimension In Space...T.A.R.D.I.S :)


  2. Absolutely brilliant!!!
    I love it - well worth the wait I'd say! x

  3. I love the geekery! this turned out really cool too I hope you'll add this to my What We Wore and Made link party over at

  4. That looks so great, MC! I love your taking it places for photos, too!

  5. That's amazing! The Doctor would be proud.

  6. Visiting from Whatever Goes Wednesday at Someday Crafts. This made me smile. It's way above my skill level. Brilliant!! Thanks for sharing.

  7. I'm a total Doctor Who Geek and absolutely love this! I may have to make my own little TARDIS and hang it from my ceiling! Would it be ok if I featured this post on my blog?

  8. I have been a fan of Doctor Who since I was in high school back in the late 80's early 90's and enjoyed Tom Baker episodes on PBS, now I get to watch it with my teens both the old and the new. Your Tardis is amazing, I love working with felt as well, you got the details perfect, and the craftsmanship is stunning!! What a great post! :)

  9. I'm totally in love! I want my own Tardis!!!

  10. Oh be still my geeky heart! That is brilliant.

  11. Oh this is fabulous! I so need one! Thanks for sharing.

  12. This is so cool!
    Do you think you could put up a template?
    because I'd like to try this but I'm lost about all the dimensions...

  13. You don't happen to have a template for this do you ;)